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About Us

Our Mission

We are a student-run management and strategy consulting organization at UC Berkeley, with a focus in leveraging research and data to provide cutting edge solutions to our clientele.

At NextGen, we recognize how diversity is now more paramount to success than ever before. Our goal is to empower students and leverage diversity, transparency, and creativity to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Through a diversified outlook on solving problems, we help companies of all sizes respond to industry changes, in order to stay competitive.

Our Family



We believe that connectivity shapes our community, and we actively nurture it through social and career development events throughout the semester.



Members of our family have gone forward to pursue a wide range of professions and industries, effectively leveraging the skills they gained from NGC. 



We pair members to foster connections that serve as guidance for our analysts throughout their professional and academic career.

Our Values



Embracing and celebrating diversity in all forms.

Creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Striving to provide high-quality consulting services to clients.

Working effectively as a team to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Providing opportunities for members to develop their skills and knowledge in the consulting industry and their own career paths.






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