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NGC Alumni Spotlight


Introducing Next Gen Consulting's alumni spotlight blog series where we interview our wonderful past members about their time in NGC, at Berkeley, and in their current professions. This week we had the honor of chatting with Sudarshan Gopalakrishnan. He graduated from Berkeley EECS in 2021 and served in NGC as our past president. Now, Suda works in New York for Goldman Sachs as a Software Engineer within their Dynamic Compute Team in their Engineering Division. He has interests in cloud infrastructure and computing, optimization, data engineering, and FinTech.

What was your favorite experience in NGC (social & professional)?

NGC was a big part of my college career; I grew a lot professionally, and made a lot of long-lasting friends over my 4 years with the club.

My favorite experience socially were the retreats and the big-little system. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to build strong friendships in the club and really get a good break from the hustle-bustle of college to enjoy amazing experiences with the people I love!

Professionally, NGC really helped me with my communication skills as a software engineer, and helped me articulate my thoughts/ideas with a variety of audiences – other engineers, business stakeholders etc.

What excites you most about your current role?

I am currently working as a software engineer at Goldman Sachs in NY. I really enjoy meeting a diverse set of people (traders, engineers, quants etc.). I not only get to learn a lot about the financial services space (specifically trading), but also really understand how high-tech is used to make large-scale impact on facilitating various banking activities.

What is some advice you would give current college students at Berkeley?

In terms of academics, I would really recommend challenging yourself in the best way possible, and not be afraid/shy of taking tough classes and pushing your limits. College is one of the best opportunities where you get to learn in a structured manner, so make use of it wisely!

Worst case, if you feel that you didn’t retain a lot from some of your tougher classes, you definitely will become mentally stronger and be able to face any stresses/challenges that come at work :)

Although growing academically is important, don’t forget to have fun! College is one of the places where it is easy to find a good group of friends, so cherish them and make amazing memories that you will take with you after graduating!

What is a typical day like in your role?

My mornings are usually meetings with the team to discuss where I am with my work, strategize projects and ask questions. I spend the rest of the day either working on my projects or attending calls for committees outside of my team function.

Are there any skills that NGC provided you that you use in your current role?

As a software engineer, presenting your work in an organized and articulate fashion through documentation/reports/decks has really helps me come full circle with my work. Decking has been very useful for me!

What are your future career goals?

I am currently working on understanding the trajectories that I can explore a couple years down the line, and am doing my research on what kind of higher education options – MS / MBA etc. – that I can work with.

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